Thursday 18 August 2016

BSNL started (Go Green) 'Save Paper - Save Trees' to support Haritha Haram in Telangana Telecom circle

BSNL requested all its valuable customers to opt for receiving bills through online instead of Hardcopy.
State owned Telecom Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to support the initiatives like 'Haritha Haram' taken by Government of Telangana State.

BSNL requests all the customers to opt for receiving telephone bills/mobile postpaid bills through soft copy i.e email only instead of requesting or collecting through Hard copy.

The Company suggested the procedure for opting for receiving BSNL bills through email, one of the following 3 ways customer can submit request:

  • Customers can log on to BSNL SELF CARE  and in service -> Submit request  for changes to your profile  and place a request for getting telephone bill on email  only.
  • Customers can send SMS to 53334  in the format :
  • EMS <Billing_Account_Number> <Email-id> Ex. EMS 9000876534
  • Customers can call BSNL Call Centre at  1500 (Toll free number) or visit BSNL Customer Service and give request for Email only option.
Benefits for BSNL customers:
Customer will get benefitted by getting 10 Loyalty reward points by opting for e-mail and supporting Go-Green initiative by BSNL.

Share this information with your friends and relatives to support BSNL's slogan 'SAVE PAPER - SAVE TREES' under Go-Green campaign.

Participate in Telangana Haritha haram

About Telangana Ku Haritha Haram in Telangana State

The main object of Haritha Haram scheme is to build the Telangana into a Green City by Planting. which may cover to at least one-third of the State’s geographical areas.

The first objective is sought to be achieved by a multi-pronged approach of rejuvenating degraded forests, ensuring more effective protection of forests against smuggling, encroachment, fire, grazing and intensive soil and moisture conservation measures following the watershed approach.

The Project trends and officials stated that in coming three 3 years under the Haritha Haram the state government planned for seedlings/saplings 230 crore which was a great project ever in the state, which would reduce the complete Telangana status for next level to make BANGARU TELANGANA as planned before.

  • National Forest Policy envisages to have a minimum of 33% of the total geographical area under forest / tree cover to maintain environmental stability and ecological balance which are vital for sustenance of all life-forms, human, animal and plants.
  • In Telangana State, forest area is 25.16% of the total geographical area.
  • The State Government has initiated a flagship programme, “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” for taking massive afforestation activities to increase the green cover of the state to the desired level of 33% of the total geographical area.
  • The goal of 33% tree cover, is sought to be achieved by,
  • Protecting and rejuvenating the existing forests,
  • Taking massive plantation programme outside forest areas under Social Forestry – peoples’ Movement

Initiatives in Forest Areas
  • The major thrust in forest areas will be given to
  • Forest Protection – against smuggling, fire, encroachment, grazing, poaching etc.
  • Afforestation – Raising plantation in blank and open forests.
  • Rejuvenating degraded forests by coppicing, singling and other silvicultural interventions.
  • Taking large scale Soil and Moisture Conservation works.
  • Encouraging plantation activities in RoFR areas.

Initiatives Outside Forest Areas
  • The major thrust outside forest areas will be for raising
  • Avenue plantation – Preferably in multiple rows – along the National and State Highways apart from Rural roads.
  • Institutional plantations – All government and private institutions to be covered.
  • Barren Hill afforestation.
  • Tank foreshore plantations.
  • River bank and rivulets plantations.
  • Homestead & Industrial areas.
  • Agro forestry – farmers should be encouraged to adopt various models of agro forestry for increased income levels and economic security.
  • Creation of Smrithi vanams.
  • Planting in Urban Residential colonies.

Action Plan: for three years (Rs. 800 Crs/yr)
  • Target : 230 Crore plants
  • Forest Areas : 100 Crore Plants
  • Non-Forest Areas: 120 Crore Plants
  • HMDA : 10 Crore Plants
  • (40 lakh Seedlings per Assembly Constituency)