Thursday 13 October 2016

Airtel launches ‘V-Fiber’ plan offering 100Mbps speed for fixed broadband connection

Airtels V-Fiber technology 100Mbps fixed broadband plan
Leading Private Telecom network in India Airtel has announced the launch of ‘V-Fiber’ advanced technology and high speed internet service to its fixed broadband customers.

India’s first operator to deploy a technology capable of delivering speed upto 100Mbps for fixed broadband connections. 

As per latest information ‘V-Fiber’ the super fast data speeds and enabled HD video streaming, heavy file downloads and uploads in a multi-device environment (over WiFi), will franform the home broadband for Airtel customers, said company official sources.

Customer to experience the above speed from Airtel network they need to upgrade to a new modem of ‘V-Fiber’ technology. Airtel won’t charge any additional charges for upgrading to ‘V-Fiber’ plan. The company promises to refund the modem charges (the amount will be adjusted in the next ensuing bill) if the customer is not happy with the new ‘V-Fiber’ technology. 

Whereas, for new V-Fiber technology customers will get Unlimited trail offer upto three months. 

In a statement, V-Fiber Director – Operations of Bharati Airtel said, ‘India is witnessing an explosive growth in data usage and a lot of in-home data consumption is happening over fixed broadband that offers consistent speeds. Airtel has always innovated ahead of the curve and offered its customers best-in-class broadband technology and experience.”

“With ‘V-Fiber’ and our national optic fiber backbone, we are all set to offer a future-ready network for tomorrow’s digitally connected homes. This solution, besides reducing our carbon footprint, offers a very quick and convenient upgrade to the customer. We are also delighted to launch our innovative myHome Rewards and unlimited free voice calling facility for our customers