Tuesday 22 November 2016

Airtel Offering FREE WiFi services on Hyderabad city Metro Luxury AC buses

Free WiFi on Hyderabad Luxury AC buses
To make Hyderabad city a ‘Global Smart City’ Telangana State government in association with Airtel to offer WiFi services on 115 Luxury AC buses.

Airtel has announced the launch of complimentary WiFi services for communters of Metro Luxury buses across Hyderabad city of Telangana State. The service has been launched in 115 buses operating between the bustling routes in the city as a pilot for 6 months. The Luxyry passengers can avail mobile internet services upto 20 minutes per day per user as complimentary basis through Airtel WiFi services.

The company is planned to mobilize its 4G networks favorite content, apps, entertainment and social services with the best combination of speed and coverage which is relvant to its subscribers.

In a statement Bharati Airtel Chief Executive Officer (Andhrapradesh and Telangana) said, ‘At Airtel we consistently innovate and make investments that help us move closer to our vision of developing our cities into Smart Global Cities. The launch of complimentary Wi-Fi services on-the-go is a real step forward in modernizing the lifestyle of our citizens, whether business, education or pleasure. This remarkable partnership with the Government of Telangana’s TSRTC is the largest in the country and will double the joy for travelers as it connects more Hyderabadi citizens than ever before’.

Procedure to connect and ejoy Airtel’s FREE WiFI services
  • Connect to “Airtel 4G free Wi-Fi” signal
  • You will be asked to enter your phone number
  • Once you enter the phone number, a 4 digit OTP will be sent
  • Enter the OTP to enjoy free Wi-Fi for 20 minutes
  • To continue to avail Wi-Fi services after the complimentary period, you can buy data packs at low cost.
They can then latch on to the Wi-Fi post authentication of the password and enjoy internet services for up to 20 minutes per day per user. After the free usage, customers can also buy data packs starting Rs.25 giving them 100 MB benefit. This service will increase digital access for the commuters giving them 24/7 access to everything in the data world.

On pilot project basis Airtel is going to setup Free WiFi services on 115 AC Luxury buses which is linked to 4G network to offer high-speed internet services for a period of 6 months. Hyderabad mobile users can connect to Airtel’s WiFi services while traveling in any of these buses to experience quality of streaming and speed on mobile phone.