Wednesday 1 February 2017

Vodafone offering 4G speed 10GB free data usage with Data Pack 348

Second largest telecom network Vodafone has announced the launch of new 4G data pack for prepaid users offering 10GB free data usage on 4G handsets.

Vodafone customer on recharge of new data pack 348 will get 10GB of 4G data usage instead of 1GB of data.

As per latest information, Vodafone is offering 1GB of 4G data usage for all the customers. Customers who bought 4G device will get additional 9GB free data usage comes with three months validity. This offer is similar to the recent Vodafone offer 3GB of 4G data for a period of 12 months with purchase of new 4G handset.

The above offer is applicable for both new and existing Vodafone Prepaid users who purchase 4G handset.